> 5 Quilts


I made the first four quilts in the Fall of 2006, as Christmas gifts for my four nieces and nephews. They are all twin bed sized, and backed with flannel sheets. I wanted them to have a 'warm' and 'cool' side. The batting is thin cotton/poly, so they'll be able to use them all year long.

These are the first quilts I've made, and it's very apparent on close inspection. The squares don't always line up, and the binding stitching is a bit off in some places. But they seem sturdy, and look pretty, so I'm happy with them.

The fifth quilt was made in the Spring of 2007, as a birthday gift for the kids' Mom. I used scraps from all the quilts to create the blocks, then framed everything in white. I used the same bindings, as well. The back is chenille, making it very warm and cuddly. And I embroidered each kid's name around one block, and added her first-born as well, who died in the hospital. I gave it to her during our annual July trip and she was thrilled and touched.

If you have any questions about anything, feel free to email me.